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Nagyerdei Stadium


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We would have deserved more: Fehérvár-DVSC 1-0

On Sunday, DVSC played an important away game against Fehérvár FC. Erik Kusnyir is out for a longer period of time, while Thor Úlfarsson was missing because of a minor injury. What concerns our starting eleven, there were no big surprises as Dusan Lagator was the centre-back, while Hamzat Ojediran and Stefan Loncar were playing as midfielders right in front of the defense.

The match started at an intensive pace, with both teams fully engaging in the battle. Our team was well-organized and had more possession in the first 15 minutes of the game. In the 16th minute, Dusan Lagator shot over the goal from 15 meters, then in the 24th minute, Nimród Baranyai clashed with Schön inside the box and Fehérvár was awarded a penalty. Stefanelli took on the penalty, Balázs Megyeri didn’t move, he punched the ball away. However, the referee Andó-Szabó, interestingly enough, ordered the penalty to be retaken due to some slight movements by the defenders (our head coach questioned this decision and received a yellow card). Christensen didn’t miss the chance in the 30th minute (1-0).

It was an unusual decision that had be to be accepted by the team. We managed it somehow as Balázs Dzsudzsák shot a dangerous free-kick after that, while Donát Bárány made a header but the goalkeeper saved it. The score stayed the same until the break.

At the very beginning of the 2nd half, Dusan Lagator headed wide off the goal. DVSC tried to equalize and dominated. In the 50th minute, the home goalkeeper saved János Ferenczi’s shot, not long after which Brandon Domingues was fouled 19 meters from the goal but no free-kick was awarded. Loki did everything and in the 58th minute, Dominik Kocsis made his debut as the new winter arrival. Thirty minutes before the end, Hamzat Ojediran shot wide off the goal at the end of a great free-kick combination. Our team played better than the opponent.

In the 63rd minute, Csongvai took on a free-kick but shot wide off the goal. Máté Tuboly and Christian Manrique came off the bench, then Soma Szuhodovszki and Ádám Bódi also came for the endgame. Our team tried to press the opponent. Even though Soma Szuhodovszki was close to scoring in the 85th minute, Loki could not equalize during the final minutes as Soma hit the post. We will continue with at home against Puskás Akadémia on Saturday.

According to the coach

Bartosz Grzelak: Debrecen was a great opponent with a great coach. Either team could have won. I’m proud that each player, who comes off the bench, understands our play. It is one of the greatest victories since I’m the coach of Videoton. We have to do our best.

Srdjan Blagojevic: Congratulations to Fehérvár on the victory. The match was full of emotions and it was decided by the penalty. Even though we had a lot of shots, we could not score. In the first half, we were not brave enough but after the break, we played better and exploited some spaces. In order to win, we have to score goals and find a solution for this problem. We were dominating; however, we were not able to score. For this reason, we need to reset things.

OTP Bank Liga, round 21.

Fehérvár FC-DVSC 1-0 (1-0).

Székesfehérvár, Sóstói Stadium, 4770 spectators. Referee: Andó-Szabó S.

Fehérvár: Tóth B. – Serafimov, Spandler, Gergényi – Bese, Csongvai, Christensen (Simut, 86.), Schön – Katona M. (Sigér, 59.), Berki (Gradisar, 59.), Stefanelli (Pető, 74.). Head coach: Bartosz Grzelak.

DVSC: Megyeri – Baranyai (Tuboly, 69.), Lagator, Pellumbi, Ferenczi – Loncar (Szuhodovszki, 81.), Ojediran (Manrique, 69.) – Szécsi (Kocsis, 58.), Dzsudzsák, Domingues (Bódi, 81.) – Bárány. Head coach: Srdjan Blagojevic.

Goal: Christensen (30., from penalty).

Yellow card: Serafimov (41.), Simut (95.) as well as Baranyai (24.), Ojediran (68.).