OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024

DVSC is being reorganized!

The DVSC Association has been established for the development of Loki.

On Monday, 41 dedicated Loki fans established the DVSC Association in Debrecen, with the aim of developing sports and preserving traditions. The mission of this social organisation is to develop DVSC into a sports enterprise capable of repeating its past successes.

The achievements of DVSC in Hungarian sport during the past decades are the following: championship titles, Hungarian Cup wins in women’s handball and football, international cup victories, Champions League and Europa League group stages in both sports. Relegation from the first division has been a catalyst of the events, nevertheless, on Monday, 41 public figures, businessman, sports directors, athletes and politicians established the association that serves the future of DVSC in the Nagyerdei Stadium. The founders would like to implement the idea of a broader social support for the teams, a series of sporting developments and stronger economic conditions for the success of Loki. There is a determination to bring back the glory of the football team and the women’s handball team as one. The association elected a board consisting of seven members and Kósa Lajos, Member of Parliament, was elected as president of the board.