OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024



The Nagyerdei Stadium serves as a venue not only for football matches but also for business meetings. Our guests can support their favourite team and build business relationships at the same time in an elegant environment.

There are two levels available for our VIP guests, which provide entertainment for partners, employees or even families any day of the year. Whether it’s a wedding, workshop, lecture, conference, corporate or family event, you can find the perfect venue in our stadium for any occasion.

On the VIP-level, there is a Gold-room, an exclusive DVSC Business VIP-hall and a Silver VIP-room, where we provide full-scale service for our guests. On the Sky-level, there are 23 boxes with 10-seats each, as well as 2 Lounges with 22-seats each for those who wish to experience the exclusive opportunities of the stadium as a special guest.

DVSC Business (120) VIP-hall

Nowadays, going to football matches is completely different than it was a few years ago. We offer not only a football experience but also full service, which is a perfect entertainment and comfort both for fans and business partners.

The 400m2 exclusive event room of the Nagyerdei Stadium was fully renovated and upgraded with elegant furniture in February 2022, and it serves as a venue for special events with its own private 266-seat grandstand.

For elegant and private events in the Business VIP-hall, we provide all the conditions necessary for holding a conference, training, workshop or lecture (broadband Internet connection, projector screen, sound equipment) and personalized catering service.

We also provide barrier-free access, men’s and women’s toilets and parking opportunity in the VIP parking lot for our renters.

The exclusive services of the DVSC Business VIP-hall are available exclusively to the club’s supporters and sponsors during home and away matches.

Silver VIP-room

The Silver VIP-room is located on an area of 400m2 and has a 266-seat private grandstand.

It is a perfect venue for holding events with 250-300 guests, tailored to individual needs with a view to the green lawn of the stadium.

The Silver VIP-room is suitable for holding conferences, trainings, corporate events, presentations and lectures, for which all the necessary conditions are available.


The main partners of DVSC consider it quite important to enjoy the premium-level service in a unique environment during business lunches or the matches of their favourite team.

For maintaining the comfort and entertainment of guests, DVSC offers several skyboxes that can be shaped according to individual design, while elegance and football experience remains the main priority. As part of this, we provide premium service and a culinary experience for the owners of skyboxes.

The 22 skyboxes with 10-seats each and one with 20-seats can be rented either for one occasion or for a long-term with high-level and all-inclusive catering. Each skybox has a private grandstand, so guests can support the team from the most comfortable seats of their skyboxes.

Services provided for skybox renters:

  • attending matches, the carnival night, yoUDay and other public events that are held in the stadium without having to buy separate tickets for them
  • the opportunity to use the skybox not only on the days of official events but also any other day of the year
  • the opportunity to use the Gold Vip-room and its services during the home matches of the adult team of DVSC
  • 2 parking tickets in the VIP parking lot during the matches
  • 10 season ticket in the B2 sector for the home matches of DVSC
  • 20% discount in the DVSC Shop, which is located in the stadium
  • right to participate in the exclusive events organized for the sponsors of DVSC


The exclusive 22-seat lounges on the two sides of the Sky-level are suitable for groups, business partners, friends or even families wishing to arrange smaller events during the matches or any other day. The seats on the unique balcony of the lounge assure to feel the real atmosphere of the match, while the elegant and spacious design of the inside makes it a comfortable place for guests.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact our colleagues for further information:

Noémi Nagy
+36 20 218 3550

VIP-level and lounge:
+36 30 519 0851