OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024

Media accreditation

The deadline of media accreditation for the matches organized by DVSC is 14:00 on the last working day before the match.
You can send us your accreditation request by filling in the form below:
In case of any problem, please contact us via media@dvsc.hu.

    Copy of your photo press card* (Max. 2MB)

    Journalists and/or photographers entering the Nagyerdei Stadium accept and comply with the rules of the Hungarian Football Association, the Hungarian Professional Football League and, where applicable, the European Football Association (UEFA), which are as follows:

    1. Does not enter the pitch before, during or after the match.
    2. Does not enter the dressing room of the teams under any circumstances.
    3. The accredited person has to stay, work and move around only in the designated area before leaving the stadium.
    4. The accredited person will not produce any personal material (photo, film, video, MMS) for the general public, the internet or mobile company before, during or after the match, except for the media accrediting him/her.
    5. Photographers shall use the distinctive vest provided to them only as intended, i.e. over their outer clothing, and hand it in at the end of the match.
    6. The accredited person considers the interests of DVSC and will not cover the advertising boards placed for the match.
    7. The accredited person accepts the requests and complies with the instructions of the security service: do not obstruct the work of the staff who are wearing distinctive signs or of the police by their movements, behaviour or clothing.

    Other obligations to comply with

    1. Occupying the area designated for the media is possible only on the day of the given event, one hour before its start. In other case, you acknowledge and accept the actions of the security service.
    2. Accepting the rules concerning the pitch and the accreditation system of DVSC.
    3. The accreditation applies only to the accredited person and may not be used by any other person.
    4. The wristband, which is given upon entry, should be worn and shown to the security service if it is requested.
    5. The pass cannot be used for other matches.
    6. Without special permission, the press accreditation is not valid for areas used by the club management, players and VIP guests.


    In case of an unauthorised use of the accreditation, DVSC may refuse entry. In the event of disorderly conduct, the club will have the person concerned removed from the stadium and may take legal action against him/her.