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Nagyerdei Stadium

The Nagyerdei Stadium was first opened to the public in 1934. Although the stadium hosted a number of memorable football matches, speedway races, athletic competitions and cultural events during the 79 years of its operation, it eventually became outdated. In 2013, reconstruction work has started in order to turn the stadium into an arena that meets the standards and demands of the modern era. On 1 May, 2014, the stadium re-opened its gates as a truly modern and unique venue.

The Nagyerdei Stadium has become one of the most modern and still, particularly friendly stadiums in Hungary, located in a magnificent environment that is unrivalled in Europe. Next to the stadium, one can find the 100-year-old Water Tower surrounded by a park and event venue, the local zoo and amusement park, thermal baths and the new “Aquaticum” beach, accommodations, an outdoor stage and a nearby sports centre, all of which offer a great experience and opportunity to turn this part of the city into a hot tourist spot.  

The asymmetrically arranged stands of the facility have been designed to accommodate the largest number of spectators possible. In addition to its functional simplicity, the single-stand design also fosters a sense of togetherness. Thanks to an impressive structural and rational design, the internal layout is clear and transparent: the arrival place for fans, the parking and VIP areas are well separated.

Justifying its size and modernity, the stadium has considerable dimensions in all its components: the football pitch is about 68×105 m large, the VIP level is 2,090 m2 and the Sky-level is 1,690 m2. The facility has a capacity of 20,450 seats and functionally, it offers various sectors for spectators: one for the supporters of Debrecen, the so called “Sector B” for hard core fans, one for the guest supporters, VIP and media seats, skyboxes and accessible seats too.

The designers, builders and operators of the Nagyerdei Stadium focused on the functionality of the establishment and aimed to ensure a high-level service and comfort for spectators. Due to this fact, there are several indoor and outdoor places that ensure the comfort of visitors. Fans can choose from the offers of 16 buffets on the arrival levels of different sectors, while the “Loki” Shop presents a great variety of products that serve as a perfect gift for any occasion.

The beautiful park with plants around the stadium and the water tower that is listed as a monument, which has also been renewed during the spring of 2015, together create a unique atmosphere for the area. In addition to its beauty, functionality is also part of the place, that’s why a 300-space underground car park was established on the arrival square.