OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024


Nagyerdei Stadium


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Nagyerdei Stadium


Pancho Aréna

There was a lot more in this game: MTK-DVSC 2-1

Due to injury, Alexandros Kyziridis and Botond Vajda were out of the squad but the others were ready to be deployed in the away game against MTK on Saturday. Thus, the technical staff had several variations, and this time Márk Szécsi was in the starting eleven.

At the beginning of the game, Loki took the initiative and in the 3rd minute, Demjén saved Domingues’ shot from 12 meters. Our team moved freshly, and in the 6th minute, the goalkeeper denied the long-range shot of Dzsudzsák as well as the close-range twirl of Donát Bárány later.

The superiority of DVSC was obvious, hundreds of fans from Debrecen cheered for the team. Our team was playing attractive football but we missed our chances. In the 22nd minute, János Ferenczi shot wide of the goal, then Demjén saved Dusan Lagator’s header. After the first 30 minutes, DVSC could have been leading, however, in the 33rd minute, MTK took the lead when converted a rebound (1-0). The score stayed unchanged until the break.

The second half started with the attacks of Debrecen, and the equalizer came in the 50th minute. Brandon Domingues deceived his defender on the left, passed to János Ferenczi, who delivered a good cross. The arriving Márk Szécsi then put the ball into the net from the centre on the long side (1-1).

Loki continued to control the game, and meanwhile, Máté Tuboly came on as a substitute (later Andrija Majdevac, Joao Oliveira and Ádám Bódi also came on). At this time, there were less chances, but in the 77th minute, Balázs Megyeri made a save after Stieber’s free-kick.

In the endgame, MTK scored again, with Stieber skilfully curling the ball into the right side of the goal from about 15 meters in the 83rd minute (2-1). Unfortunately, this goal decided the fate of the three points, even though based on the game, DVSC deserved much more. We will continue next week against Kecskemét.

According to the coach

Dávid Horváth: It is a valuable victory for us. The first half did not go the way we would have liked, so we had to make some changes during the break. We managed to succeed and finally, we could win due to a great individual performance. In the second half, we worked hard to compensate our luck in the first half.

Srdjan Blagojevic: Congratulations to MTK for the victory. It is hard to speak now because I think that considering the last period, we delivered our best performance today. The team played the way I want my team to play, but unfortunately, we lost the match. We controlled the game but we were not aggressive enough within the box. Even though it’s not pleasant to lose like this, I’m sure that we will win the next time if we play like we did today.

OTP Bank Liga, round 16.

MTK-DVSC 2-1 (1-0).

Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium, 2000 spectators. Referee: Bognár T.

MTK: Demjén – Varju, Kádár, Kocsis – Kata (Horváth, 74.), Végh, Thiam, Antonov – Bognár (Kosznovszky, 93.) – Ennin (Stieber, 74.), Németh K. (Spalek, 74.). Head coach: Horváth Dávid.

DVSC: Megyeri – Kusnyir, Lagator, Dreskovic, Ferenczi – Loncar (Tuboly, 62.). Manrique – Szécsi (Joao Oliviera, 82.), Dzsudzsák, Domingues (Bódi, 88.) – Bárány (Majdevac, 82.). Head coach: Srdjan Blagojevic.

Goal: Thiam (33.), Stieber (83.), as well as Szécsi (50.).

Yellow card: Lagator (57.), Manrique (76.).