OTP Bank Liga 2023/2024

No point this time: DVSC-MTK 1-3

After three victories in the league, Loki stepped onto the pitch with an unbroken desire to win against MTK on Sunday afternoon at Nagyerdei Stadium. Botond Vajda and Joao Oliveira were out of the squad because of their injuries, while Erik Kusnyír was in the starting eleven as a left-back this time. Donát Bárány was also on the pitch from the beginning, with Alexandros Kyziridis and Brandon Domingues on the two wings.

The match started in a scorching heat, and what’s more, with a Loki goal! In the 7th minute, Donát Bárány stepped out from the circle of defenders with a fantastic pass, took the ball past the goalkeeper and confidently rolled it into the net (1-0).

However, MTK quickly responded and after a scramble following a corner-kick, Bobál scored from close range into the bottom left corner (1-1). Moreover, in the 13th minute, the guest team was already leading as István Bognár found himself in a one-on-one situation and he didn’t miss: he blasted the ball into the far corner from 13 meters (1-2). Thus, DVSC was at a disadvantage and had to strive for an equalizer.

There was a water break in the 34th minute, after which came the attacks of Debrecen: in the 26th minute, Stefan Loncar shot over the goal from 19 meters and in the 27th minute, Brandon Domingues also made a nice shot from close range but he missed it. In the final minutes of the first half, Loki was obviously dominating but no equalizer came until the break.

For the second half, Ádám Bódi and Zsombor Bévárdi came on as substitutes and DVSC tried to press MTK. In the 51st minute, Donát Bárány had a header, which was brilliantly saved by Demjén, then Antonio Mance and Márk Szécsi also came on. However, in the 63rd minute, Krisztián Németh dribbled everyone after an individual action and sharply rolled the ball into the net, strengthening the advantage of MTK (1-3).

Although there was still plenty of time left, the fate of the match was already decided and Loki suffered its first defeat in a long time. We will play our next match against Kecskemét on September 3, starting at 7.30 pm. at Nagyerdei Stadium.

According to the coach

Srdjan Blagojevic: Congratulations to our opponent, they deserved the victory but I think that we gave it to them as a gift. We were punished for our mistakes and it was difficult to come back after the two goals that we conceded. I don’t want to put the finger on someone concerning who made the mistakes, we have to continue the work in order to win during the next match. I still believe in the team.

Dávid Horváth: We achieved what we came for. We were confident and tough against a really strong team. I cannot be unsatisfied.

OTP Bank Liga, 5th round.

DVSC-MTK 1-3 (1-2).

Nagyerdei Stadium, 4144 spectators. Referee: Karakó.

DVSC: Megyeri – Baranyai (Bévárdi, 46.), Dreskovic, Mojzis, Kusnyír – Loncar (Szécsi, 74.), Manrique – Kyziridis (Bódi, 46.), Dzsudzsák, Domingues – Bárány (Mance, 62.) Head coach: Srdjan Blagojevic.

MTK: Demjén – Hej, Kádár, Bobál D. – Kovács M., Kata, Horváth A. (Thiam, 56.), Bognár I. (Stieber, 87.), Antonov (Kovács P., 73.) – Molnár R. (Zuigéber, 56.), Németh K. (Varju, 73.) Head coach: Horváth Dávid.

Goal: Bárány (7.), as well as Bobál D. (10.), Bognár I. (13.), Németh K. (63.).

Yellow card: Domingues (88.), as well as Hej (24.), Bobál D. (66.), Kádár (87.).