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Farewell to the Conference League: DVSC-Rapid 0-5

The DVSC-Rapid return match of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League started in an unforgettable atmosphere, almost with a full house at Nagyerdei Stadium. János Ferenczi was still out of the squad because of his injury and our line-up was the same as it was in Vienna.

After the 0-0 draw of the first-leg match, the opponent started with an attacking play and in the 3rd minute, Burstaller headed just over the goal from 9 meters. DVSC tried to stay calm and play their own style. Rapid dominated the game and in the 15th minute, they even took the lead: after a lost ball, Seidl stepped out, broke away in clear-cut chance and confidently shot into the goal from 10 meters (0-1).

Loki tried to react on the conceded goal, in the 23rd minute, Joao Oliveira shot wide off the goal from 14 meters. The match became more equal, there was a tough fight on the pitch and the Austrians even got 4 yellow cards. In the 32nd minute, after the free-kick of Balázs Dzsudzsák, Dorian Babunski scored from close-range but it was an offside. In the final minutes of the first half, Rapid scored for the second time in the 43rd minute, when after a left-sided attack, the ball bounced off Oleksandr Romanchuk and found its way into the net (0-2).

In the second half, Brandon Domingues came on as a substitute and Loki tried to do its best. We were leading attacks and possessing the ball, we put the pressure on Rapid, still, the opponent scored: in the 51st minute, after a quick counterattack, Grüll dribbled even Balázs Megyeri and slid the ball into the goal (0-3).

Thus, the hope of qualifying to the next round was lost, and in the remaining time, DVSC aimed to finish the match in a nice way. Our team was fighting honestly (meanwhile, Alexandros Kyziridis, then Nimród Baranyai, Donát Bárány and at the very end, Antonio Mance also came on as a substitute), we had some smaller chances but were not able to compensate. Moreover, in the 72nd minute, Burgstaller capitalized on a rebound, further increasing the lead of Rapid (0-4). Bajic, who came on as a substitute in the 90th minute, scored one more goal and that’s how the match ended (0-5).

Rapid Wien qualified to the next round, with an aggregate score of 5-0. The next match of DVSC will be against Kisvárda at Nagyerdei Stadium, starting at 8:15 pm. on Monday.

According to the coach

Srdjan Blagojevic: Congratulations to Rapid, they were the better team today and deserved to qualify to the next round, I wish them good luck. I would like to say thanks for the fans, I know that it is not easy for them as well and I am sorry because of the result. It is a difficult and painful evening for us but we have to deal with this situation. Our current goal is to stick together and this will also serve as a test of how we react to the situation. On Monday, we would like to show who we really are.

Zaran Barisic: Congratulations to my team. We performed excellently from the first minute of the match until the end. We were focused and I’m proud of my players. It is not usual that we can perform so well against such a good team like Debrecen.

UEFA Conference League, 3rd qualifying round, second-leg.

DVSC-Rapid Wien (Austrian) 0-5 (0-2).

Nagyerdei Stadium, 16 572 spectators. Referee: Stavrev (North-Macedonian).

DVSC: Megyeri – Kusnyír (Baranyai, 73.), Dreskovic, Romanchuk, Manrique – Lagator, Loncar – Szécsi (Domingues, 46.), Dzsudzsák (Mance, 86.), Joao Oliviera (Kyziridis, 61.) – Dorian Babunski (Bárány, 73.). Head coach: Srdjan Blagojevic.

Rapid: Hedl – Schick, Querfeld (Hofmann, 75.) , Cvetkovic (Soilbauer, 82.), Auer (Moormann, 75.) – Sattlberger, Oswald, Kerschbaum – Seidl, Burgstaller (Mayulu, 79.), Grüll (Bajic, 79.). Head coach: Zoran Barisic.

Goal: Seidl (15.), Romanchuk (43., own goal), Grüll (51.), Burgstaller (72.), Bajic (90.).

Yellow card: Domingues (54.), Lagator (67.), as well as Seidl (25.), Querfeld (27.), Auer (31.), Sattlberger (34.), Cvetkovic (46.).